How important are individual Liberty & economic Freedom? Discuss!

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If you vote for me I will work on stopping “walkable communities” that are code for the United Nations’ Agenda 21 initiatives that seek to abolish private property, reduce the carbon footprint of humans, restrict mobility, and basically control what we eat, how many children we can have, how we travel, and where we can live, work, and play — initiatives which are already being implemented through ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in over 600 cities nationwide and in 178 countries worldwide.

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Guillotine Death by Noahide Laws PASSED BY CONGRESS-1991
Posted on May 7, 2011 by antinewworldorderparty
Few Americans have ever heard of the Guillotine Death by Noahide Laws that PASSED CONGRESS in 1991 and signed into Law and was Approved March 20, 1991 by President of the U. S., George Bush Sr.

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5 Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Co-Parent

Single Parents Meetup

As a single parent, you may have to still deal with your children’s other parent. That can be more stressful than just being a single parent.

Fortunately, there are ways you can make dealing with your children’s other parent much easier.

Tip #1: Don’t Play the Game

co parenting

Many difficult co-parents do things just to get under the skin of their ex. It’s cruel and unfair but it’s just the way they try to get back at the other person.

How do you deal with it? By not giving them what they want.

Notice how difficult co-parents do it because they want to get you riled up. If you don’t react, it’s no fun. There’s no sense in doing something that doesn’t work.

That means you have to be as desensitized to those actions as you can. The better you are at this the shorter the time you will…

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“The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.”[3]

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President Obama Coup d’état Crossing the Rubicon The Point Of No Return

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Please send a Email! Please Call Webster NY Towns, Assistant District Attorney Eric Hurd to let them know your watching this case!

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